SimREMOTE is...
a simulation that puts participants in the role of managers in competing companies. Participants will take responsibility for the development and performance of their virtual team. They will compete for "Best Distance Team Score".
Target group Numar maxim de participanti Perioada de desfasurare

  • line managers,
  • middle managers,
  • future managers,
  • entrepreneurs
  • 25 participants
  • 1 day
  • 2 days


Within the one-day (+x) simulation SIMRemote your delegates are turned into managers in competing companies taking over a remote team and competing for the “Highest Remote Team Score”.

In teams they perform 5 simulation phases leading and developing teams of individuals in a remote team setting!

Not easy, but full of fun, in-depth insights and learning!

What questions can SIMDUSTRY® SIMRemote answer?

“What are success factors when building or taking over a virtual team?”
“What are communications standards to be set-up?
“What tools ensure an effective work & cooperation?
“How can the team performance in a remote setting be developed to and kept on a  maximum level for our company´s performance?“

In SIMRemote, participants become managers in competing companies and take on a virtual team to compete at the "Best Score of the Virtual Team".

In teams, they run the 5 stages of simulation by bringing together and developing teams whose members work at a distance!

It's not easy, but it's fun! there are many valuable ideas and a lot of learning!


What are the general learning objectives in SIMDUSTRY® SIMRemote simulation?

The SIMRemote training will support your delegates on …

  • knowing the key-success factors for building & leading remote teams as a manager
  • experience and reflect on the differences between local and remote teams and the consequences for leaders
  • further develop (or learn) leadership skills for local teams by extending these skills to remote teams
  • learn and apply new leadership approaches specially conceived for remote teams
  • deepen their relationship-building and communication skills to create and sustain a positive team atmosphere and performance over distance
  • collecting leadership & communication tools help unleashing & fulfilling the different needs of the team members
  • experiencing dealing with real-life “events” in remote team settings
  • preparing  individual  action plans for working on their real-life remote team (or upcoming remote team): all inputs and learnings will be instantly applied to the delegates own area of responsibility and their current teams!

Which topics can be explored during SIMDUSTRY® SIMRemote simulation?

A multitude of themes can be integrated into the simulation - below you can find a summary of the themes that could be explored through specific exercises:

  • Team dynamics in virtual situations
  • Care for team phases in the formation or transformation of teams
  • Criteria for employee selection (virtual team composition)
  • Communication & information flow in “remote teams”
  • Communication guidelines in remote settings (like meeting, mailing, feedback, coaching)
  • Employee motivation over spatial & temporal distances
  • Personality indicators
  • Diversity

... And much more!

Everything the participants will learn will be immediately applicable in their area of responsibility in their current teams!



During this activity, the participants become entrepreneurs or executive managers.
The teams in which they are active become companies operating in the same market.
The classroom itself becomes, meanwhile, an entire competitive market.
Our business simulation creates an ideal context for learning, in which lessons learned have immediate applications, being directly transferable to the reality of simulation, and then into daily reality.

The program uses a wide range of experiential learning tools: auditory, visual, kinesthetic.

Participants will improve their managerial skills as they "play" with the various decisions and contexts in which the simulation will put them, plan, and gradually work in more and more complex activities where all kinds of challenging situations arise. Just like in real life.

What is the SimREMOTE simulation scenario?

: Decide how to form your team in the starting phase

Reflect on your existing remote team and explore:

  • how you can build/strengthen a relationship with your team
  • how you can communicate/ intensify the team vision
  • what communication guides you can agree with your team

: Master together operative challenges

Reflect on your existing remote team and explore

  • where you see potential areas for conflict within your team
  • how you can develop a system for detecting conflict before it becomes aproblem

Third: use effective instruments to boost the feelings of belongingness, clarity of role & function and professional competence & satisfaction of each team member.

Reflect on the tasks you’d normally do as a team leader and decide

  • what could be delegated and to whom
  • how could you promote more initiative taking in your team
  • how could you implement or strengthen a peer feedback process
  • how can you further develop your team members


Reflect on your existing remote team and explore:

  • what can you imagine to keep the ball rolling


Experience with SimRemote how your leadership decisions impact team performance & transfer your learnings directly to your team.

SimRemote integrates your corporate reality with a tailor-made storyline & your organization’s leadership instruments.  

So, do you lead remote individuals or team? Multicultural or national teams? Sales or project teams?

Then, let’s talk about SimRemote!

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